In February 2020 we introduced the NEW Master 35 Wrench which is fitted with a more powerful, low emission engine which complies with EUR5 and EPA3 regulations. It is lighter, faster and produces low vibration exposure and noise.

Will loosen all types of Screwed Fastners in under three seconds.

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Over 100 different sizes and shapes of Railway Quality Impact Sockets - Hexagon, Square, Bi-Square and Rectangular in Standard and Special Square Drive.

Extensions, Universal Joints, Rubber Rings and Steel Pins.

Auger Bits from 10 to 22mm dia with European and American Hex and other special shanks.

Augering Attachments for European and American Hex and Round Shank Bits.

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We developed our own design of Tool Carrier and Accessories to allow the Master 35 Impact Wrench to be used both vertically and horizontally on Standard, Broad and Narrow Gauge Track.

The Tool Carrier can be assembled and dismantled in a few minutes without the use of tools.

Its use reduces manual handling, improves operator comfort and increases productivity.

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The Master 35 Anvil and Impact Socket No Go Gauge was developed to help Fitters and Operators know when to replace these parts.

Using worn Sockets on a good Anvil and good Sockets on a worn Anvil creates extra vibration, causes damage to the Wrench and increases the time it takes to loosen/tighten fasteners.

If the No Go Gauge can be fitted over the Anvil or fully inside the Socket Square Drive these should be replaced.

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Developed in co-operation with a National Rail Operator to check Track Switch Tip and Crossing Nose alignment Rail Dip Measurement and hole positioning.

Although developed for U.K. can be m odified to suit other Railway Networks.

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